NEW PARTNER: Snap Studio

We are extremely excited to announce our new partnership with Snap Studio, the Chinese manga publisher behind incredible stories like Mr. Song Keep Calm, Global Online: I Really Don't Want to Cheat, My Three Thousand Years to the Sky, Reborn To Be A Great God, and more. 

What does this means for you?

Our strategic partnership allows us to acquire licensing rights to some of their best manga IPs and produce audio drama adaptations in both English and Japanese.

Upcoming Shows

We are extremely excited to kick-off our partnership with the audio drama adaptation of Mr. Song Keep Calm (with the Japanese version currently in production). 



The storyline of "Mr. Song, Keep Calm" revolves around Shi Baba, a young girl who loves reading romance novels. After growing tired of the clichés surrounding a "bossy CEO" in the book "Lovely Wife of the CEO," she finds herself accidentally trapped within the story. Now, she must either complete the assigned tasks as the fictional character Chuhan Bai or start the story from the beginning. Along her journey, she encounters a mysterious, charming young man who adds an unpredictable twist to the plot.

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