NEW PARTNER: RED Entertainment

We are extremely excited to announce our new partnership with RED Entertainment, the video game publisher behind incredible games like Gungrave, Scared Rider Xechs, Nightshade, Sakura Taisen, Juuza Engi, Despera Drops, and more. 

What does this means for you?

Our strategic partnership allows us to acquire licensing rights to some of their best drama IPs and localize them in the English Dubs.

Upcoming Shows

We are extremely excited to kick-off our partnership with the English audio drama adaptation of Share Love (coming soon...). Download the original version now through our store!


Share's a communal living with all boys except you!

 Takasaki, who is the most mature member of the group, though he is flirtatious and aloof.

Fujino is serious and attentive to details.

Clumsy and expressionless, but kind, Shiba.

Hachisuka, the youngest and in charge of cooking with a tsundere personality.

 They are like friends, like family, and like lovers, laughing and worrying together under one roof, from good morning to good night.

 Who would you like to be healed?

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